How to Work at DevResults

Every company has a culture. The only question is whether or not you decide what it is. Jason Cohen

1 The DevResults Culture Code

This is an attempt to set down on paper what DevResults is all about: What we care about, where we come from, where we want to go, and how we intend to get there.

If you’re thinking about working here, or you’re starting to work here, it’s important that you understand what we care about and what we aspire to.

If you’ve been working here for a while, it helps to remind yourself of those same things. Why are we doing this? What kind of company do we want this to be?

Much of this is unoriginal to the point of banality. (In fact much of it is stolen outright from the culture decks of companies we admire, like Netflix, Buffer, Hubspot, and Valve.) None of that makes these truths less true or these aspirations less right for us.

2 The Story of DevResults So Far

A little history, for what it’s worth.

3 All The Rules

The first rule of DevResults is don’t make rules unless you really need to. We work for ourselves and we don’t need much guidance beyond “use your best judgment.” This section is mostly just a guide to how things work around here.

4 The DevResults Toolset

These are the technologies - software, websites, processes, traditions - that we use to work together. Many of these are crucial to making a distributed company work.